To Apply

Every person over 18 must complete an application, with $40 application fee for each person

With application, need copy of state issued photo ID and proof of income

Go to the Available for Rent page to apply


Must make 3 times the rent UNLESS:

IF unit includes ALL utilities, must make 2 times the rent

IF unit includes ALL utilities EXCEPT electric, must make 2.5 times the rent

Pet / Animal

An animal screening is required if animals are to be considered. ALL applicants, whether applicant has animals or not, must create a pet
profile at zessin.petscreening.com

5 Paws – $25 per month
4 Paws – $35 per month
3 Paws – $50 per month
2 Paws – $75 per month
1 Paw – $100 per month

Credit Check

Scores of 601 or above will may approved

Scores of 550-600 will be approved if applicants have rental assistance (such as section 8) along with a $30 per month Credit Contingency Fee

Persons with No credit score may approved with $60 per month Credit Contingency Fee

Background Check

No misdemeanor for bodily harm or intentional damage to property in the last 3 years

No felony for the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, or felony for bodily injury or intentional property damage in the last 7 years

NO sexual related offenses ever, including any that may or may not require registration.

NO offenses for violence against children, including any that may or may not require registration

NO orders of protection against any applicant in the last 3 years or no more than 2 orders of protection in any 5 year period.

Rental / Residency History

Ideally, no evictions in the last 3 years, no more than 1 eviction ever.

Additional months deposit for an eviction over 3 years old

No more than 3 residences in the last 5 years, unless there is verifiable job or school transfers

Must not owe current or previous landlord / financial institution / property manager any money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the application refundable?
No, we hire Rental History Reports to complete the screening process. Since it costs us, we can’t be waived or refunded
What if there are multiple applications on the same property?

We will process all applications as they are received and approve or disapprove each applicant. The first applicant who is approved AND pays the first full months rent gets the home.

What happens if I get approved for a home, but another applicant pays the rent first?
You can use your approved application for any other property we manage, as long as it is affordable by our income requirements, that we have available for up to 60 days from the date you were approved without the need to re-apply.
I like a few of your properties, do I need to fill out a separate application for each property?
No, you do not need to complete separate applications for each property. 1 application is good for any of our properties for up to 60 days.
How long does it take for the application to get approved/disapproved?
It can take anywhere from 1 to 8 days depending on how long it takes to contact your current and previous landlords. In an effort to speed up the process, we suggest you let them know they will be getting a call from Minnesota by Rental History Reports. Otherwise, a lot of people don’t answer out of state calls which will cause it to take longer to finish your application.
Why do I need to complete a ‘pet profile” if I don’t have any pets?
Petscreening.com is our third party vendor who helps stay in compliance with laws involving animals and rentals. By completing your ‘pet profile’, you are stating you do not have pets.
Why is a ‘pet score’ used and how is it determined?
Petscreening.com has a proprietary FIDO Score™ measures the level of risk a property manager may assume for housing a specific household pet and its owner. The FIDO Score ranges between 5-paw down (lowest risk) to 0-paw (highest risk) and is included with each Household Pet Profile we screen at PetScreening. (Note: Assistance animals do not receive a FIDO Score.)

Several factors are weighed when calculating the FIDO Score, including, but not limited to Type of Animal, Breed, Age, Weight, Gender, Vaccination History, Behavioral Traits, Pet Owner’s Care, etc.

How does the first months rent work?

Once you are approved, you will need to pay athe first full months rent.

If you decide to not take the home or can’t complete the requirements (such as can’t get utilities in your name), we put the home back on the market. Once it is rented, we pro-rate by the number of days the home was off the market until the day it is rented, subtract that amount, and send you back the difference (if any).

Do you accept section 8?

Yes, we do accept section 8. However, section 8 applicants must follow same process as any other applicant plus complete Springfield Housing Authority’s requirements.

Can we paint if we get the home?
Sorry, we no longer allow residents to paint. We don’t have the resources to decided if a person will be a good painter. So, as a rule, we no longer allow painting by residents.
Are we allowed to have a garden or plant anything?
Flowers and decorative plants are allowed to be planted. Vegetables are only allowed to be grown in pots. Vegetable gardens in the yard are strictly prohibited.
Can we hang things up?
Yes, you can hang pictures or window curtains using appropriate hardware. Wall mounted TVs are also okay, but be aware that damage from a poor installation will be your responsibility to have it fixed.
If we move in, are we allowed to smoke inside?
No, allow of our properties are smoke-free. This means you can smoke outside anywhere, but not inside the home. Smoking is also not permitted in common areas of apartment buildings.